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Sneak Peeks of Galaxie

The stars have aligned for this beautiful 18-week old liver-spotted Dalmation puppy, Galaxie. She is loving and engaging and is also a bit of a poser, (Which we love here at Zoo Studio!) She has a very serene and calm nature and she is non-destructive even with her toys. What a good girl you are, Galaxie!
She is very smart and will sit back and assess people and situations in a short period of time and once happy, she will be a loving and affectionate friend! Her Mum and Dad will take Galaxie with them wherever possible and she is a caring and calming companion.
Beautiful Dalmation puppy sitting nicely.Gorgeous Dalmation puppy playing with a toy.Adorable Dalmation puppy on the move.Sweet Dalmation puppy playing with a toy.Cute Dalmation puppy relaxing.

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