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Sneak Peeks of Johnny and Charlie

There are oodles and oodles of canine fun with 18-month old apricot coloured Cavoodle, Johnny, and 7-month old golden coloured Groodle, Charlie. Johnny is his Mum’s first baby and is completely adorable! Johnny has gorgeous coloured fur with beautiful brown eyes which make all the girls melt! He loves playing fetch but only inside and ONLY when he feels like it! He is the naughty big brother who loves to roll around on the floor and wrestle with Charlie and when they have had enough will snuggle up with their Mum on the couch and go off to sleep. Charlie just joined the family this year and is a pretty cool little character! While being completely adorable, he loves to ‘talk’ in his funny little voice which sounds like a Muppet laughing! He is a ‘dreamboat’ of a puppy and a real sooky la-la and he loves to lead his big brother astray! Regardless though, these two are a bundle of love and laughter!
Beautiful Cavoodle and Groodle sitting next to each other.Gorgeous Cavoodle sitting pretty.Sweet Groodle playing with a ball.Lovable Cavoodle playing with a ball.Adorable Groodle laying down.

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