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Sneak Peeks of Mackie and Tallulah

There is something special when we receive a visit from a pair of gorgeous German Shepherds and these two are certainly no exception! Mackie is 7.5yo and his beautiful fur-sister, Tallulah is 7yo. Mackie is a loyal, gentle and loving boy who has the most beautiful dark brown eyes. He is more his Mum’s boy but he also adores his Dad too. He loves to play and is crazy about his balls and his Kong toys! He has strong loyalty and intelligence and has very gentle and affectionate traits. Tallulah is extremely playful and has a high drive. She would have made an amazing working/bomb detection dog. She is a girl who will let you know what she wants and is confident and friendly. Tallulah has long hair with a stunning coat with beautiful markings.
Adorable German Shepherd laying on an ottoman.Pretty German Shepherd with a head tilt.A pair of  gorgeous German Shepherds laying next to each other.Beautiful German Shepherd relaxing.Lovable German Shepherd on the move.

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