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Sneak Peeks of Darcy, Sooty and Fritz

We have quite a mixed treat here with lovable Darcy, who is an 11yo Corgi cross Kelpie, gorgeous Sooty, a 2yo Cattle Dog cross and adorable Fritz, who is a 7-month old Miniature German Schnauzer.
Darcy was his Mum’s first fur baby and has become the family ‘lioness’ and is in general very protective and SUPER loyal. Darcy is also the ‘mother’ to her Mum’s two pet ferrets and looks after them and is very protective of them. She is a beautifully natured and well-behaved girl who is extremely close to her Mum and very special to her. She loves to be active and the beach is the family’s favourite playground.
Sooty is a completely engaging young lady who is loving, beautifully mannered and loves lots of cuddles with Mum and Dad. She is a special and gorgeous girl who you can’t help but love and will totally melt anyone’s heart!
Fritz is the fun-loving baby of the family who thinks he is a Saint Bernard! He is fearless and he loves to rough and tumble! He sometimes has a little bit of puppy attitude and will be a little cheeky when he tries to get his own way and be a typical puppy!
Adorable Corgi cross Kelpie close up.Lovable Australian Cattle Dog cross on the move.Sweet Miniature German Schnauzer close up.Gorgeous family of a Corgi cross Kelpie, Australian Cattle Dog cross and a Miniature German Schnauzer.Beautiful Corgi cross Kelpie, Australian Cattle Dog cross and a Miniature German Schnauzer playing.

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