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Sneak Peeks of Billie Jean

You just can’t ‘beat it’ when it comes to this beautiful Border Collie and there is no ‘moonwalking’ around the fact that 9yo Billie Jean was named after Michael Jackson as she came into the family as a puppy just after the King of Pop’s passing. She is a gorgeous young lady who is the family’s best friend. Billie Jean and her Mum make a great little team and mean the world to each other! Whilst at home, Billie Jean LOVES to play with balls, has a curious nature and is gentle, loving and friendly. She ADORES cuddle time and is particularly happy to have lots of pats and belly rubs! Happiness and joy are ‘the way you make us feel’, Billie Jean!
Sweet Border Collie looking at camera.Adorable Border Collie relaxing on the couch.Lovable Border Collie resting on an ottoman.Gorgeous Border Collie sitting pretty.Beautiful Border Collie side on profile.

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