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Sneak Peeks of Syrah

Sweet 2yo French Bulldog, Syrah, is so obsessed with her frisbee that you only have to mention the word ‘frisbee’ and she goes ‘crayzee’! She loves them so much that she gets over excited and doesn’t know when to stop! She also enjoys playing with her tennis ball but not as much as her frisbee. Syrah is her Mum and Dad’s first Frenchie and they absolutely adore her. When she is not playing and checking everything in life out, you will most likely find her laying on the lounge fast asleep next to the air-con. What a life!! Her Dad calls her his little ‘nugget’ and she is a genuinely loving and gentle sweetheart who is completely besotted with her human family and so entertaining. You definitely look like ‘gold’ to us Syrah!
Beautiful french Bulldog relaxing .Sweet French Bulldog close up.Gorgeous French Bulldog leaping into the air.Adorable French Bulldog on the move.Lovable French Bulldog playing with her frisbee.

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