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Sneak Peeks of Minty, Milo and Winston

Who said that three’s a crowd? Not when it comes to Minty, Milo and Winston. Minty is a 10yo Border Collie cross Poodle, Milo is a 3yo Golden Retriever and Winston is a 12-month-old ginger Tabby cat. Minty has a big personality and is quite the assertive matriarch when she feels the need. She is an extremely loving and affectionate lady with sweet loving eyes that makes her Mum’s heart melt!
Milo is very much the baby of the family and is completely adorable. He is super affectionate and he ADORES playing and has so many toys throughout the house. He always has to have one in his mouth and will sometimes fall asleep with a tennis ball in his mouth!
Winston has only recently joined the family and is a confident and chilled out character who gets along just great with his two canine brothers!
Beautiful Golden Retriever sitting nicely.Adorable Border Collie cross Poodle sitting nicely.Gorgeous ginger Tabby cat playing with his toy.Lovable Golden Retriever playing with a ball.Sweet Border Collie cross Poodle on the move.

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