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Sneak Peeks of Rocket

This cute boy will no doubt send you straight to the stars and beyond! Rocket is a 3yo Border Collie cross Poodle and is black and white with the poodle square face and big floppy ears! Rocket is their Mum and Dad’s first fur child and has been with them since he was a puppy. He is energetic and loves going to the beach, walks, the park and racing around his yard. Rocket is a gentle, affectionate and trustworthy boy who is full of personality and loves to hang out with the family on the lounge in quiet moments and is a loving and gentle part of the family. We would sure love hanging out with you too Rocket!
Beautiful Border Collie cross Poodle sitting.Gorgeous Border Collie cross Poodle in play bow position.Adorable Border Collie cross Poodle sitting on a chair.kb-fb-5Close up of Border Collie cross poodle.

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