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Sneak Peeks of Nitro and Crash

These two are definitely a knockout when it comes to good looks! Nitro is a 10yo Brindle Boxer and Crash is a 3yo Red Boxer. Nitro is his dad’s baby and been with him since he was a puppy. He is completely tennis ball obsessed and he loves a good play. He is a typical loving, gentle but goofy Boxer boy and is amazing with the kids. Crash is a one hundred per cent crazy boy and he just loves to be around the family. He is also gentle and loving, great with the kids and being around other dogs. Crash is not only a family pet and companion but also a stud dog. You have to agree that Nitro and Crash are simply adorable and totally unforgettable!
Two Beautiful Boxers sitting together.Sweet Boxer playing with a ball.Gorgeous Boxer playing with tennis balls.Adorable Boxer playing with tennis balls.Lovely Boxer on the move.

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