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Sneak Peeks of Flex and Zoo

We can’t be too bullish about this pawfect pair! Flex is a 4yo Blue and White American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his fur-sister, Zoo is a 7yo Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Flex is a large boy who has the typical Staffy saunter and he has a large tongue which he just loves to hang out. He is a very happy boy and a lovable ‘boof head’ who is affectionate, soft, gentle and loves a good cuddle. Zoo is a loving, soulful and gentle girl and been known to be Queen of the house. She is very much ‘Daddy’s girl’ and runs around the house like a little boss. Like Flex, she loves a good snuggle and she enjoys any kind of decent blanket to snuggle in! They are also both very popular in their Mum and Dad’s workshop and from nearby businesses where they get lots of attention from people. We certainly wouldn’t be able to resist giving you lots of attention too Flex and Zoo!
Sweet Staffy relaxing on a couch.Adorable Staffy palying with a toy.Beautiful Staffy relaxing.Adorable Staffy on the move.Two gorgeous Staffies relaxing together.

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