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Sneak Peeks of Lily and Jack

This superstar Terrier duo are Lily, who is an 11yo Tenterfield Terrier and Jack, who is an almost 7yo Fox Terrier. Lily is a very sensitive soul and quiet-natured. Even at 11yo, she is still active, loves getting around and she loves her food and treats. She is considered the ‘Queen’ of the household and when necessary, she will let Jack know where the line is. She is kind-hearted and absolutely adores her cuddles.
Jack is completely cheeky and will keep everyone on their toes! He believes that the world revolves around him, which it normally does! He loves all types of fun, adores his toys and trips to the park. He has a strong personality but is also a loving and loyal boy. Both Lily and Jack also enjoy being taken to their mum and dad’s work at the horse track. What a gorgeous pair!
Adorable Fox Terrier looking cheeky.Beautiful Tenterfield Terrier  staring at the camera.Cute Fox Terrier playing with his toy.Gorgeous Tenterfield terrier relaxing on a couch.eb-fb-5

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