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Sneak Peeks of Sparky and Honey

Rough-housing around is something that little pocket rocket, Sparky and his playful puppy sister, Honey just love getting up to. Sparky is a 5yo Jack Russell and his gorgeous fur sibling, Honey is an 8-month-old Wheaten Terrier. Sparky is obsessed with his mum and dad and loves his play time and his favourite toys are ‘tug toys’ where he is simply incapable of letting them go. He does love to settle for lots of cuddles and quiet time later at night time.
Honey has a beautiful temperament and adores her big brother, Sparky! She has a big playful streak and she loves her squeak toys. She has no problem keeping up with Sparky and between them they certainly keep their mum and dad on their toes! They both love going on their walks and adore outings to the beach.
Sweet photo of a Wheaton Terrier and a Jack Russell settled on a chair.Gorgeous Jack Russell close up.Beautiful Wheaton Terrier sitting on the couch.Cute Jack Russell laying on the couch.Adorable Wheaton Terrier sitting on a chair.

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