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Sneak Peeks of Hugo

This little gentleman might be named after Hugo Boss but there’s no ‘suit’ stopping him from getting to his doggy ‘cupcake.’ Hugo is an adorable 11yo fawn Pug and he has a little bit of grey on his chin. He does have some Puggy attitude but overall his nature is gentle and loving. He is his mum’s ‘little man’ and his dad’s ‘first child.’ He has a favourite ‘Pig’ the Pug toy which he absolutely loves and he has his own bedroom also as apparently he has a bit of a snore on him when he is fast asleep!  What a gorgeous little man you are Hugo!
Beautiful Fawn Pug close up.Adorab;e Fawn Pug wearing a blue bow tie.Cute Fawn Pug playing with a toy.Gorgeous Fawn Pug sitting on a couch.Fawn Pug looking at camera.

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