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Sneak Peeks of Clyde and Penelope

Stunners Clyde and Penelope are two beautiful fur-sisters. Clyde is a 7yo Spoodle and Penelope is a 6-month-old Miniature Labradoodle. Clyde is very much a mummy’s girl with beautiful big brown eyes that say, ‘I love you Mummy.’ She enjoys talking with the neighbour’s dogs and playing with her favourite rope toy. She loves to have a bowl of milk and cheese as her favourite treats. She also enjoys special times with her mum by spending time watching the tv together.
Penelope has not too long ago just come into the family and is a bundle of energy, very playful and has provided Clyde with a new lease of life and they play beautifully together. She has been described as looking like a big teddy bear and the way her fur sits around her eyes looks like a little owl face! So very cute!!
Gorgeous Spoodle looking at camera.Adorable Miniature Labradoodle looking at camera.Spoodle and Miniature Labradoodle close up shot.Sweet Spoodle playing with a ball.Lovable Miniature Labradoodle walking.

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