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Sneak Peeks of Donut and Hero

This pawfect Pug pair are 2 year olds, Donut and Hero. Donut is very playful and can be a little bit crazy at times be she can also be very cuddly when she wants to be. She was given her name because of her little round mouth. So cute!
Hero is also extremely playful and his favourite toys are balls. He just loves them and he will play fetch for ages. He is larger in size than most Pugs and his favourite snack is bananas!
They both love going out with their mum to the dog park and to the dog café.
Gorgeous Pug putting his leg up.Lovable Pug jumping for a ball.Adorable Pug looking at the camera.Beautiful Pug pouncing on a ball.Cute Pug playing with a ball.

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