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Sneak Peeks of Merlin, Hermione and Chanel

How gorgeous are this kitty trio consisting of 16yo Merlin, 6yo Hermione and 6yo Chanel. Hermione and Chanel are sisters and have not really grown up and still think they are kittens and are now just as playful as they were when they were younger. Merlin is very laid back and relaxed has bonded strongly with the two girls and he loves to run around the house with them as well as sleeping on the bed with them. Chanel really, really loves her food and she will quite often ‘scream’ for her food when she is hungry. Her mum loves how she ‘talks’ to her as well! So sweet!! Hermione knows how to work her ‘magic’ and she has a cute little ‘funny’ jump that her mum loves! What a beautiful feline family!

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