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Sneak Peeks of Basil and Peppa

This superstar double act are siblings, Basil and Peppa. They are two almost 9yo miniature Dachshunds that look simply quite adorable. Basil is slightly bigger than his fur sister, Peppa, but don’t let that fool you as Peppa is the boss and has the personality to match. She is also a bit on the adventurous and mischievous side. Basil is very much a ‘mummy’s boy’ and loves to curl up with his mum and look at her with his loving and compassionate eyes which makes his mum feel like the only person in the world. You certainly are a darling duo, Basil and Peppa!
Two adorable Dachshunds sitting on an ottoman.Beautiful Dachshund staring intently at the camera.Gorgeous close up of a dachshund.A Dachshund chasing after a ball.Cute Dachshund playing with a toy.

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