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Sneak Peeks of Suki and Ghost

This gorgeous pair are Suki and Ghost. Suki is a sweet natured, 7yo Poodle and Ghost is a playful, 2.5 yo Maremma. Suki has a gentle soul and she loves nothing better than going down to the beach, digging in the sand and going in circles. Ghost also loves the beach and also running around in the backyard. He has a cheeky and expressive personality and loves playing with his toys and with people. They both share a common love of curling up in bed and sleeping with their parents.
White Maremma sheepdog and Poodle standard sitting together.Black poodle standard sitting and staring.Maremma sheepdog pouncing on ball.Black poodle standard playing.Gorgeous creamy white Maremma sheepdog relaxing.

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