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Sneak Peeks of Louie

Say hello to Louie! He is a Tibetan Spaniel x Pomeranian puppy who is so cute and adorable and he certainly knows it. You definitely are, Louie! Check out those beautiful eyes and sweet puppy face! He’s a bit shy in the beginning but quickly warms. He has lots of puppy energy and loves playing chasey and also with his squeaky toys. He also loves cuddling up and falling asleep next to his mum.
Close up of Tibetan Spaniel x Pomeranian looking adorable.Very cute Ginger Tibetan Spaniel x Pomeranian. Tibetan Spaniel x Pomeranian resting with a big smile.Ginger Tibetan Spaniel x Pomeranian looking up.Tibetan Spaniel x Pomeranian playing.

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