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Sneak Peeks of Padme, Yoda, Rey and Aayla

When Padawan Aayla (light fawn) joined her French Bulldog siblings Padme (brindle), Yoda (darker fawn) and Rey (pied) that really did mean that the fourth was with them – haha! (and yes, the parents of these adorable fur-siblings are huge Star Wars fans).  Oldest sister Padme is her mama’s “big sook” and just loves her cuddles.  Next in line is Rey whose sweet face and eyes are out of this galaxy.  Yoda, is the lucky solo (not Hans!) brother who loves wrestling with Padme.  And sweet baby Aayla is only 9 weeks old ….. when older, cute girl you will still be!  The four of you have definitely put the Star into Star Wars!!
fawn female french bulldog puppyhead tilting brindle female french bulldogpied female french bulldogs face close upyoung fawn male french bulldog looking upfour fur-siblings sitting together french bulldogs

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