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Sneak Peeks of Jess

Who’s looking pretty happy and skippy with herself then?  Jess, the gorgeous Greyhound, that’s who and she has her yummy treat licked!  This happy girl with the big smile loves her food to the extent that her parents sometimes have to lock away their own food.  Haha!  Jess also loves going in the car, but her very favourite pastime is sleeping.  Sometimes her mum even has to coax her with food to make her get up.  You are living the dream Jess!  And whether lying down gracefully, sitting elegantly on your ‘throne’, or standing tall, you always look as pretty as a picture, Jess.
greyhound girl licking from a jay of peanut buttersweet smile from black greyhound girlregal looking greyhound sitting in chairblack and grey greyhound standing tallelegant greyhound lying down

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