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Sneak Peeks of Roxy and Buddy

No green eyed monsters between these gorgeous fur-siblings, Roxy (Australian Cattle Dog) and Buddy (Staffordshire  Bull Terrier cross) ….. in fact, only stunning golden eyes with not a monster in sight!  Roxy is big fur-sister to Buddy who likes to think he’s the boss …. but she knows who really is.  Haha – go girl!  This pretty girl with the big smile is not just good looks either, Roxy is also very smart and intuitive.  She is deaf, but nothing stops Roxy and she even knows how to “high five” with sign language.  Buddy is the more reserved of the two and when not being his mum’s devoted shadow, he loves playing with his big sis, Roxy.  Gorgeous head tilt too, Buddy!
fur siblings sitting together blue australian cattle dog and staffordshire bull terrier crossbig smile from female australian blue cattle dogbrown male staffy cross looking up from big yellow eyeshead on floor female australian blue cattle dogface close up head on floor dark brown staffy cross

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