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Sneak Peeks of Chip

Shhh ….. you need to be as quiet as a ……. oh no you don’t because this adorable little fellow will have you shouting “he’s SO cuuute!!!”.  Introducing Chip, the ten month old Manx Mouse …. and how sweet does he look nestled in his mama’s hand? – so tiny! (Does that make him a MicroChip?  Groan!!).  This little dude loves hanging with his mum and watching her draw, and is rather partial to the odd macadamia nut.  Chip, your blue/grey colour suits you perfectly, because you are definitely Blue Chip stock – such an adorable face and fine set of whiskers too!
paws under chin blue male manx mousetiny male manx mouse nestled in human handmanx mouse poking head out from yellow coilsabout to go exploring grey male manx mousemale blue grey manx mouse

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