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Sneak Peeks of Bodhi and Bella

Bodhi, the very regal looking Great Dane is his dad’s best buddy, whilst sweet little Bella, a Mini Dachshund, is her mama’s heart dog.  Bella also loves to hang with her younger fur-bro Bodhi and how adorable do they look together?  The long and the short of it is that this is one big happy family.  Bodhi is extremely affectionate, and loves to lean on people by way of giving cuddles … now that would be a fabulous big cuddle!  Bodhi also loves playing with his toys, and going on car rides, but best of all he just loves hanging out with his dad.  Bella is a gentle little girl who loves to be right next to her mama (until a ball is produced!).  Bodhi and Bella, you both put the “awwww” in awesome!
long and short fur siblings great dane and mini dachshundhead on paws black male great danesenior dapple mini dachshund girlfull face black great dane boyproud stance shiny black male great dane

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