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Sneak Peeks of Karma

Cute as a button Karma just loves her snuggles and cuddles and how adorable does she look wrapped in her blanket. This sweet little Mini Fox Terrier cross is obsessed with fluffy blankets, “digging” a hole in them for herself.  No doubt because she knows just how “awwww” she looks all wrapped up.  Karma’s mum and dad say she’s a very sweet natured girl, but her eyes have already told the world that.  Maybe she’s where the expression “good Karma” came from?  Karma’s favourite thing – and her parents! – is cuddles, tummy rubs, and more cuddles.  Karma, you are one gorgeous gal and just like you in your blanket … that’s a wrap!
big eared black and white mini fox terrier crosssnuggled in bed female mini fox terrier crosssitting sweetly with paw up mini fox terrier crosssooky look from female mini fox terrier crosssnuggled in pink blanket female mini fox terrier cross

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