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Sneak Peeks of Crystal and Bella

Super sweet fur sisters Bella (big sis Labrador) and Crystal (Labradoodle) are best pals even though “the annoying little sibling” likes to be a bit bossy sometimes.  And seems like she’s even stolen the limelight here too?  But beautiful Bella has already been a Zoo Studio star before so she’s happily taken the director’s role to allow Crystal to star (though you still shine too, Bella – quite literally!).  Crystal, not yet one, has also grown up with her other ‘best buddy’ human sibling whose toys, clothes and shoes somehow manage to become Crystal’s too – haha!  Maybe you’d like to share your stick Crystal?  Bella and Crystal you BOTH sparkle!
fur-sisters labrador and labradoodleyoung fluffy white labradoodle girlsweet head tilt from white female labradoodle pupleaping labradoodle young white girlyoung labradoodle girl chewing on stick

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