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Sneak Peeks of Clifford and Riplee

This stunning pair of Bull Arab crosses are six and a half years apart, but older fur-bro, Clifford (white and tan) has no concept of that – his mum and dad describe him as a “little boy inside a dog”. Go Clifford!  Younger sister Riplee (tan) is full of energy ….. and obviously doesn’t do things by halves!  Really Riplee, two balls in your mouth at once?  Clifford is also a big softy who loves to greet everyone, whether he knows them or not …. he will break into his own excited “goofy trot” …. like he’s in a show ring.  Riplee likes to “live dangerously” and if there’s trouble she’ll find it ….. ask her about “helping” to dispose of the cardboard boxes on shopping day!  Clifford and Riplee, bet you have heaps more antics to share behind those beautiful “look at me” eyes of yours!
fur-siblings bull arab cross boy and girllong legged tan bull arab cross girlstriped face tan and white male bull arab crosstan and white bull arab cross boy with rope n mouthtan bull arab cross with mouth full of balls

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