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Sneak Peeks of Russell

The words, fun, dude and playful all spring to mind when you look at Russell, the Jack Russell.  This Mr Pawsonality Plus guy goes to work with his mum every day and is her best buddy and companion – lucky mum!  That is until ‘smoko’ time when this smart boy will “work the room”, knowing who has the best treats to share with him …. mum who?  Haha!  But he always comes back to mum.  No doubt because she’s the one who takes him on motorbikes rides and allows him to help herd the cattle …. and who will also take him for a ride around the block so he doesn’t sit beside the car all day waiting to go to work on “non-work” days.  Russell also loves playing with his toys and balls and can do tricks.  Russell, your best ‘trick’ has to be your photogenic ability …. great smile, great face, great fun, great boy!
playful jack russell with stick in mouth head tilting smiling jack russell boybrown and white jack russell boy leaping for tennis ballbrown and white male jack russell on the prowlmale jack russell in dead cockroach position

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