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Sneak Peeks of Bronte and Hendrix

Fabulous fur siblings Bronte (Pug) and Hendrix (Australian Cattle Dog) sure look a treat snuggling next to each other.  Bronte is younger sister to big bro Hendrix and is the “Super Sassy” gal in the family …. and who can’t resist a bit of “sass”?  But Bronte also has her silly side (she even does her own special kind of “break dance”!) and as you’d guess by that gorgeous head tilt, is also a bit of a thinker.  Hendrix’s mum reckons he’s a “loveable dork”, but give us dork any day with that big happy grin.  This funny guy will chase his tail then pretend he’s not if he thinks you are looking.  Haha!!  But Hendrix is also a very good, gentle and patient boy.  No wonder your parents love you both to bits, Bronte and Hendrix … you have all the best character traits combined into one pawfect pair!
snuggled close fur siblings female pug and male cattle dog crossblack pug girl doing head tiltsitting and smiling australian cattle dog cross boyproud standing black white and tan aussie cattle dogs cross maleface close up black pug girl with greying chin

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