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Sneak Peeks of Dede

What a little heart melter Dede is – those eyes and that smile should come with a “melt” warning!  Dede is a Border Collie cross Cattle Dog who is absolutely devoted to her mum and follows her everywhere.  Lucky mum!!!  Maybe second only to her mum, Dede also LOVES her b-a-l-l-s …. had to spell that in case Dede was listening.  Once she’s heard the “b” word she will go and get it and won’t give up.  Haha!!  Dede is also rather partial to the beach, play time, and walks with her mum …… Dede, you are Dazzlingly Delightful!!
looking up red and white cattle dog X border collie border colllie cattle dog cross running with tennis ball in mouthbeautiful smiling face  red and white female cattle dog crosssitting patiently happy faced border collie cattle dog cross femalepensive adorable australian cattle dog cross border collie girl

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