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Sneak Peeks of George

By George!  Here is one pussonality plus Bengal cat ….. named George!  And what a high flyer!!  Woo hoo!  George loves to jump off the ground to “kill” his favourite fish toy at play time and will even throw in the odd twist and somersault.  Would that be called a CATapult off the floor? (sorry!!)  This stunning boy also sometimes shows his family a bit of “cat-itude” and will turn his back on his mum if he thinks he’s been told off for no reason – and won’t  look, talk, or purr!  Haha!  Here’s a secret for you, George …. with your looks and sense of fun you can probably get away with anything.  You are one fab feline!
yellow eyed bengal male catleaping bengal boy catstealth walk from male bengal catinquisitive looking  bengal boy catbengal cat on back playing with fish toy

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