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Sneak Peeks of Jeff and Maxi

Oodles of charm from these two Labradoodles, Jeff (cream) and Maxi (chocolate).  And no wonder as Jeff obviously inherited the good looks gene from Maxi (short for Maximus) … who is his real dad!  Maxi has graced this site before and looks like he’s taught Jeff well in how to “shine on the stage”.  Jeff is a laid back kinda guy who takes everything in his stride.  Another thing he takes ….. is the ball off Maxi if he wants attention.  Haha!  Cheeky young lad!  But underneath that cheek, Jeff has a beautiful nature and just loves to be around people … and his dad, Maxi! Awww!  What a furtastic fur-family!
father and son labradoodles cream son and chocolate dadcream male labradoodle sitting prettybig green ball in mouth of cream labradoodlecream labradoodle boy taking it easystepping out young male cream labradoodle


  1. Heather Hayne on 03/07/2018 at 12:47 PM

    Beautiful. You do make it hard when it comes to decision time!!

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