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Sneak Peeks of Oscar

Oh wow!  How adorable is Oscar?  This fluffy bundle of fun is a Staffy Cavoodle cross who loves life and everything in it …. especially his mum and dad.  Oscar is also rather partial to destroying his toys and frisbee … looks like you are doing a brilliant job on both here Oscar!  Haha!  But with that gorgeous happy smile and way too cute peep out from your hair, how could anyone ever get cross with you for a bit of chewing, eh Oscar?  This little funster also loves the beach, going out on adventures .. and couch cuddles.  Awww!  Oscar – we award you the Gold Oscar for Cuteness!
staffy cavoodle cross with frisbee in mouthtummy rub request from male staffy cavoodle crossbig smile from happy male staffy cavoodle crossfluffy scruffy happy cavoodle staffy crossblonde male cavoodle staffy cross chewing on toy

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