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Sneak Peeks of Charlie

Ay Caramba!  Check out Chihuahua Charlie …. how adorable!  This cool dude (snappy dresser too Charlie!) is always up for an adventure with his mum and loooves to be out and about travelling in the car.  He even has his own doggy booster seat so he can see out the window.  Bet you get lots of adoring looks back when you are out cruisin’ too, Charlie … such a sweet and inquisitive face!  And as if good looks weren’t enough, Charlie also has a few tricks to his repertoire.  Take a bow Charlie …. oh, you already have!  Good boy!!
chihuahua wearing pink jackethead tilting sitting male chihuahuasweet faced male chihuahua looking upwardsinquisitive look from tan male chihuahuadoggy yoga position from tan male chihuahua

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