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Sneak Peeks of Betty and Nate

Dynamic Dalmatian Duo Betty and Nate (with fewer spots on his face and the stunning eyes) are ten years apart, but who would know?  Betty is 11 years old and Nate is the “kid” fur-brother at around 9 months old.  And how regal do they look together?  Queen Betty and Prince Nate!  Behind that oh-so-sweet face of Betty’s lurks a “lounge hogger” – haha!  Well, only her favourite place on the lounge that is, and look out anyone who tries to take her spot.  You go girl!!  Young Nate is still a “big kid” who loves to play with just about anything …. including his cushions!  Betty and Nate, everyone will go dotty over you!
regal brown  and white dalmatian fur siblingssweet faced brown and white dalmatian girlmale dalmatian cuddling yellow cushionregal sit from brown and white dalmatian femaleyoung brown and white dalmatian boy strutting his stuff

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