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Sneak Peeks of Chilli

This little Chilli is perfectly named …. she’s so sweet and hot stuff in the happiness stakes!  Chilli is a Maltese cross and is pure fun wrapped up in a cuddly coat.  From the wagging tail, to her “toy joy”, from her leap of happiness to her fabulous “ear flick”, this girl shows why her mama loves her personality so much.  And what a smile too!  One of Chilli’s favourite tricks is to pounce on her tug toys which makes her mama smile too.  But nothing compares to the bliss “couch cuddle” time brings.  Chilli, you sure spice up everyone’s life!  Happiness is a dose of Chilli!
jumping for joy dark grey maltese cross girlhappy wagging tail dark grey maltese cross with blue toy in mouthear flick from female maltese cross dogintense stare from grey maltese cross with chocolate nosehappy smiling female maltese cross dog


  1. Helen on 22/06/2018 at 5:10 PM

    Look at her!! Miss Chilli, we love you! Fantastic photos capturing our zoomie fur cousin.

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