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Sneak Peeks of Kenny and Albert

What a handsome pair of fur-brothers!  Introducing Kenny, the smiling and high-fiving Labrador and his “little” (well, in years anyway) brother, Albert, who is a Great Dane cross Wolfhound.   Kenny loves hangin’ with his mum and dad, especially when that includes an outing to the beach.  Albert is only just one year old and his parents say “a gigantic goon”.  But he’s also very smart as this boy with the stunning blue eyes is deaf and understands what his mum and dad say by “sign”.  What a clever boy, Albert!  And looks like you have your own “signing” too ….. “this oversized tennis ball is all mine!”   Haha!!  Great guys, Kenny and Albert – you both rock!
fur-bros yellow labrador and great dane cross wolfhoundeager smile from male yellow labradorpink and black nosed white great dane cross wolfhound boyhigh five from yellow male labradoryoung white great dane wolfhound cross with oversized ball

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