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Sneak Peeks of Lucy and Maggie

Beautiful Beagle Babes Lucy and Maggie have been with their “parents” since they were pups.  Five and and seven years later respectively, these fur-sisters well and truly have mum and dad completely smitten … even though they sometimes get referred to as “little monsters”.  Surely not with those angelic faces?  Well, apparently Lucy is the cheeky and mischievous one, but always has a big grin on her face when being naughty.  Smart girl Lucy!  Maggie is the more chilled of the two, and likes to “sit and watch” the world go by …. until her favourite treat comes out, then watch her “go nuts”!  Lucy and Maggie, if you are “little monsters” then the world could do with more monsters!
beagle fur-sisters sitting closesmiling beagle girl ready for actioninquisitive beagle girlfemale beagle in sit positionsphinx like beagle girl

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