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Sneak Peeks of Duckie

Let’s get quacking and introduce Duckie, the delectable Dachshund!  This little girl has pawsonaility plus so it’s “never a dull moment” when she’s around her family.  Duckie will play hide and seek to keep herself entertained (we can see you under the blanket, Duckie!!), and loves playing with her ball ….. though not necessarily bringing it back.  Haha!  Looks like she’s a dab hand …. oops, paw! …. at “filing” paper too.  And when not enjoying some “rough play” followed by cuddles (she can really work the room), this social butterfly also enjoys hanging with people and dogs alike.  You are one lucky plucky Duckie!
mini dachshund girl hiding in brown blanketfemale mini dachshund leaping after tennis ballblack and tan mini dachshund surrounded by shredded papersitting profile mini dachshund girlsleek coat on female mini dachshund

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