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Sneak Peeks of Sam and Stella

Simply Super Sam and Stella ….. Border Collie fur siblings!  Sam, with the shorter coat, is big-bro to Stella … but that doesn’t put her off “wearing the pants” in the household.  You go girl!  Sam is “the man” …. he loves to watch TV with his parents, goes running with his dad, but doesn’t like getting dirty or having a hair of place.   Leave that to Stella who loves to get dirty .… especially if there’s mud.  Haha!  But everyone knows that a mud pack is good for the complexion …. and just look at Stella’s beautiful face.  She rests her case!  Great “shake” too Sam and love that sweet smile Stella (and thank goodness there was no mud around this time!)
black and white border collie fur-siblings boy and girlhigh five from black and white border collie boyhalf black half white faced border collie girlblack and white border collie boy with favourite blue blanketon the prowl black and white border collie girl

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