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Sneak Peeks of Poppet

Here’s a quiz!  Guess who was known as the “long tongue dog” when she used to go to doggy day care?  Yep, you guessed correctly!  Sweet Poppet the Boxer is that very girl.  And how adorable is that happy smile with the lolling tongue?  Poppet is a very loving, and loved, girl who spoils her mum – and the rest of her family – with snuggles.  Her big brown eyes perfectly reflect her gentle soul.  Poppet obviously doesn’t mind a spot of ‘tennis’ as well …. but if her tongue has its way, that ball could be a “dead rubber” soon.  Groan! (hee hee!)  Poppet you are a gorgeous girl who has the competition licked!
long tongued smile from older boxer girl doggentle face of senior brindle girl boxersenior female boxer dog with tennis ball and tongue hanging outbrindle boxer with longest tongue hanging outlaid back boxer dog poking tongue out

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