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Sneak Peeks of Charlie and Turbo

Apart from both looking gorgeous, these fur siblings, Charlie (Maltese) and Turbo (Maltese Cavvy cross), couldn’t be more different.  Charlie is very much “the Princess” who loves to frolic, give kisses and cuddles, and chase her mum around the kitchen.  And she loves her teddy bear!  Fabulous “ear flick” too Charlie – very stylish!  Don’t let Turbo’s wide eyed innocent look and happy smile fool you.  Rumour has it this little funster is a bit mischievous and his smile is actually hiding his next “cunning plan” to surprise his mum and dad with.  Haha!  Love ya work, Turbo!  Adorable pups who also love to play together.
fur siblings white and tan maltese girl and maltese cavvy cross boyplayful maltese girl with stuffed chicken in mouthsweet ear flick from  white and tan maltese girlinnocent look from male maltese cavvy crosscheeky tongue poke from maltese cavvy cross boy


  1. Ashleigh Harris on 21/05/2018 at 10:23 AM

    Omg…. I absolutely love them. They look amazing! I am so pleased that we finally decided to do this, even though Turbo decided to be a sooky la la his smile has been beautiful captured. Thank you so so much ken!

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