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Sneak Peeks of Buddy

This playful little Maltese Shih Tzu cross, Buddy, will really sock it to you …… well, he would if there were any left! Buddy loves to steal socks and will steal them from anywhere he can find them (though hopefully not while they are still on his dad’s feet?)  Haha!  At only 1 year old Buddy is still in puppy mode and adores playing chasey around the house with his dad ….. which often ends in exhausted couch cuddles.  That makes two Buddies together!!  And this great little pup also loves making friends with other dogs …… but his most favourite of all is simply hanging’ with his dad!  Awww!  You are just a Brilliant Boy, Buddy!
pink tongued happy smiling black and white maltese shih tzu crossmaltese cross chasing tennis ballyoung maltese shih tzu cross male sitting sweetlyready to play black and white maltese shih tzu cross boydetermined tug of war from black and white maltese shih tzu cross

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