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Sneak Peeks of Chanel and Lulu

What a sweeeet sisterly hug Lulu (black and white Maltese) is giving her fur-sister, Chanel (Shih Tzu cross).  Lulu is big fur-sister to Chanel and no surprise to learn via her human mum and dad that Lulu is very loving and sweet …… reflected to a “T” in her kind face and gentle eyes.  And where there’s a sweet one, you’ll usually find a cheeky one to complement the pair …. enter Chanel!  But how about that adorable sit on her hind legs with that innocent smile …. and is that just a hint of “cheek” in your eyes Chanel?  Funny girl!  Lulu and Chanel, you are a perfect pair, who add loads of love, cuddles, and fun to your home …. and without question gorgeous looks as well!
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