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Sneak Peeks of Bear

When is a Bear not a bear?  When he’s this gorgeous, “big sook” (in his human mum’s words!) Rottweiler.  Just look at that face (a stare Bear?) ….. swoon, melt!  Imagine being met with that great big happy smile every time you returned home.  We hear that Bear is a bit of a ‘ladies man’ when it comes to wanting to meet all the female dogs, and at the groomer’s he’s known as “King Bear” because he just laps up all the attention.  And look who is favourite toy is … yes, Bear with his bear …. a pair of soft cuddly Bears!  Thanks for brightening up everyone’s day Bear!
regal stare from rottweiler boyhead tilt with a big smile form male rottweilerhappy rottweiler boy with black and tan soft toysmiling jaunty walk from male rottweilerbig sook look from male rottweiler

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