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Sneak Peeks of Vespa

Oh-so-gorgeous Labrador, Vespa, is a retired working dog ….. so the only “work” she now does is to hone her ball skills, and perfect her snuggles and cuddles.  She is the apple of her human parents’ eyes (Vespa doesn’t have to work at that), with her ‘dad’ describing her as “the most beautiful dog he has ever had”.  Awww!  And he’s no doubt referring to beautiful inside AND outside!  Vespa lives to play ball and her eyes light up when she sees the ball in dad’s hand ….. and how happy does she look to have had a chance to catch it?  Can a dog say “woo hoo” with a ball in her mouth? Vespa looks like that’s exactly what she’s saying. She’s one lovely Lab and a great girl! (and she doesn’t have to work at that either – just comes naturally!).
labrador girl with orange ball in mouthpensive golden labrador girlgolden labrador girl leaping after orange ballgolden labrador sauntering along with ball in mouthfemale golden labrador missing one ear

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