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Sneak Peeks of Lucia and Suki

Lovely Lucia and Sweet Suki are fur-sister Maltese Shih Tzu crosses.  So, big sister Lucia is the smaller of the two and little sister Suki is the bigger is the two.  Confused?  Of course not!  Lucia’s human parents have shared that she’s a female “Indiana Jones” …… she gets into everything!  Haha!!  Don’t ignore Lucia if she brings you her ball or she’ll push it under the couch to make you get it.  Maybe there’s some “Indi treasure” stashed under there as well?  Younger fur-sis Suki is happy to let her big sis be “action girl” so she can be free to follow her human mama everywhere …… just like “The Shadow”!  Hmmm …. two superheroes in one family?  Wow!  Suki opts for looking gorgeous with a bow in her hair and snuggles under the doona over action though.  You are a pair of super girls, Lucia and Suki!
sitting pretty fur-sisters two tan and white maltese cross dogsplayful maltese shih tzu cross girl with blue ball in mouthorange butterfly in hair of maltese shiz cross girl doginquisitive tan and white maltese cross girllooking upwards pretty tan and white maltese shih tzu cross girl

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