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Sneak Peeks of Token

This may come as a huge surprise, but 7 month old Token (Labrador) just LOVES water.  Who would have thought? Haha!!  This gorgeous, full of energy, young boy also loves to “explode” his toys by chewing them up, loves to fetch, loves his food ….. and after a hard day’s play, loves lots of cuddles with his human mama.  Awww!  And apart from being able to hold a huge ball in his mouth, the other purpose for a big puppy mouth is so he can show off that wonderful happy BIG smile.  Too cute!  But Token also has his serious side … he has taken time out to honour his late big brother, Rocky, by having a snuggle with his collar.  You are one special – and very handsome – boy, Token!
Young black labrador boy splashing in a bowl of waterhuge blue ball in mouth of male black labradorhuge pink tongued smile from male black labradortug-o-war for one from young black lab malehead tilting young black labrador boy

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