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Sneak Peeks of Barney and Annie

Handsome big fur-bro Barney (Golden Retriever) loves his “little” …. hmm …. younger! …..  fur-sis, Annie (Newfoundland) and she just loves him right back!  Barney is also the cheeky one (really? with that innocent face?) who likes to do a spot of “gardening” to help mum …… then sit in his hole and look at his human mama with a “who me?”.   But he makes up for that by loving his cat pals and being a good guard dog for his family.  Annie just loves to play, talk, cuddle with her human family, and jump around like a kangaroo (yep, you heard right …… could that make her a Roofoundland??).  And looks like they can both do a pretty good impression of kangaroo wrestling …. though worry not, it’s a game they love to play together.  You are a pair of adorable funsters Barney and Annie!
sitting pretty newfoundland with golden retrieverjoyful male golden retrieverbig dribble from black newfoundland girlplay wrestling dogs black newfoundland and golden retrieverhead tilting golden retriever boydrooling black newfoundland

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