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Sneak Peeks of Daisy

Delightful Daisy the Dachshund could no doubt tell you her own story with that gorgeous smile and those beautiful big brown eyes.  This young gal, not yet one year old, apparently has a bit of a cheeky side …… yes, they are nice cheeks too, Daisy!  Haha!  She has become great pals with her human siblings and keeps the whole family on their toes.  Looks like Daisy might also enjoy a spot of tennis? Or at least cleaning up the spoils after a game? But best of all is snuggle time on the couch with her human mama.  You have one lucky family, Miss Daisy!!
smiling tan dachshund girlrear end view of young dachshundplayful female dachshund pup with ball in mouthupward looking tan dachshund girlchewing on green tennis ball dachshund girl

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